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Enhancing the Senses During Game Sessions

In recent years, game developers have strived to make gaming as immersive as possible. This has led to the development of virtual reality headsets. The player is given a 360-degree field of vision, making them feel as if they are actually inside the world of the game. Innovative sound systems also help to achieve this effect.

While the new technology is certainly impressive, the main focus is still solely on sound and vision. It seems likely that haptic tech will also be utilised by game companies, leading to touch feedback when exploring virtual environments. However, no one has started to focus on the sense of taste. It is up to the player to do this for themselves.

Sense of Taste

One option is to use a flavoured, disposable vape. This can be achieved by visiting Northerner, a website that focuses on these types of products. A vape gives the player an immediate flavour hit. It is important to choose the right moment before doing this. For example, if a game character suddenly starts eating a piece of fruit, the player may enjoy a vape that has similar taste notes.

Feelings of Elation

It should also be noted that vaping can enhance a game's outcome. When the player manages to beat their competitors or advance to another level, they may take out their vape. This is a fun reward and gives them greater incentive to continue playing. Nicotine has been linked to feelings of elation. It is an immediate chemical reaction, which current video games cannot replicate.

9 Aug 2023