What exactly is Gourmet Gaming?

Gourmet Gaming is a website dedicated to food featured in video games. The idea is to replicate these foods in real life by creating recipes.

What about TV shows, books or films?

While I also love those, Gourmet Gaming is strictly video games only!

Do you take requests?

Yes! Click on the “Requests" button to send me your suggestions and ideas for recipes. Alternatively, you can post it on the Gourmet Gaming Facebook page or email me. I can’t promise that every request will be made but I do keep a record of and research each request that comes through.

Why don’t all the recipes have a comparison image?

Sometimes a recipe is just too good not to do and often an in-game screenshot is impossible to find online or I don’t own the game myself. If you notice a recipe that doesn’t have a picture but you have one please send it my way and I’ll update the images.

If I make a recipe from Gourmet Gaming, will you reblog me?

While I wont reblog you on Gourmet Gaming, I will feature you on the Facebook page. Just email any photos/links or post them on the Facebook page wall.

Do you have any professional training/work in a professional kitchen?

Not at all. I have no training and I work from my very tiny kitchen in a very tiny flat with little to no supplies! I’ve only been able to cook for a few years, so if I can do it you can too!

I’m allergic to/can’t find an ingredient for one of your recipes, what should I do?

Innovation is often the root of cooking so feel free to tweak or change any of the dishes to suit your needs or tastes. I’m allergic to dairy so I know sometimes it’s hard to find alternative ingredients but if you’re desperate I am happy to answer any questions.

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